Composite Fillings

One of the best aspects of dealing with a truly great Dental Practice is the fact that they present  you with choices for your dental care.
If they only offer gold or silver fillings, that would be more restrictive than if they offered you composite fillings as well.  The more choices you are given, the more you feel like a valued partner in the decision making process.  Here at Santa Barbara Mountain and Sea Dental, we love to show you what we can do for you, and help you make an informed choice.

Composite fillings might be the perfect solution is you are looking for a natural tooth colored alternative to the silver fillings of your childhood.  This can be a very cost effective way to replace broken fillings, and they can be completed during a single visit saving you both time and money.

The composite resin that is used in this procedure consists of a combination of porcelain particles combined with resin, and is an ideal material because of its durability.  It can treat cavities, as well as improve the basic function and appearance of the tooth where it is used.  This just might be the ideal solution for patients who have either disfigured or worn teeth.

A simple phone call or e-mail to our office can help you decide whether composite fillings are right for you.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for in dental services at reasonable prices that will fit your family budget.