CT Dental Scanning

CT Dental Scanning is one of the newest technologies available at the best dental practices today, and are used to help create a dental blueprint of your mouth prior to performing advanced dental procedures.

CT stand for computed tomography, and allows for a superior and detailed three-dimensional image.  It can be examined from every angle, allowing your dentist to see details such as the location of nerves and sinuses before starting a complex dental procedure. If your dentist is  inserting implants or performing oral surgery, the superior detail presented by a CT Scan can help avoid serious complications.

This is definitely a situation where the more detailed information that is available before hand is a desirable good thing.  You can rest assured that your dentist is using the best in technology to assure you will receive the ultimate results.  If  the dental practice that you use does not offer this service, you might want to ask why or consider finding another dental practice.  Not everyone will need to use a three dimensional CT scan, but isn’t it nice to know it is there if you do need it?

Since  there are some concerns about radiation exposure when using this CT scan, a thorough exam will help determine whether your situation will benefit from it. An informed patient is the best way to help you achieve maximum results from any dental procedure.

The dental practice of Dr. Carley Mountain and Sea is equipped to perform and utilize this advance diagnostic tool for patients that need it.  You don’t have to determine if your dental needs require the use of such a scan, you just need to be assured that it is available if called for.

Dr. Carley and Assocites have been serving the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta and surrounding areas since 2007, and are only a simple phone call or e-mail away.  They are a one stop, full service dental practice available to take care of all of your dental needs and help you achieve a lifetime of healthy gums and strong teeth.