Hybrid Fixed Dentures

If you are a current denture wearer, or have been told by your dental professional that you need dentures, know that there is an alternative that could be better for you than traditional dentures.

Most everyone is familiar with the commercials where dentures are removed at night and placed in a glass with a fizzy tablet to clean them.  Full mouth dentures cover the upper palate of your mouth and can interfere with your sense of taste when you ear, lessening your pleasure of food.  They can also allow food to be trapped underneath, making it painful to eat.  Worst of all, they can become dislodged from your mouth and fall out.  That is an embarrassment no one should have to face.

The alternative of hybrid fixed denture can be a vast improvement over traditional dentures.  They allow for the upper palette of your mouth to be exposed, thereby improving your sense of taste and your pleasure in eating.  Because they are fixed in place, they do not allow food to become trapped between the denture and your gum.  And because they are fixed in place, they cannot be easily dislodged to cause you embarrassment.  A further benefit of hybrid fixed dentures is the fact that they are more stable and do not rub the gum line and cause soreness like removable dentures can.

The initial start for a hybrid fixed denture is the installation of 4 dental implants into your jawbone.  These implants require a period of 4-6 months time to heal, and serve as the anchor for the hybrid fixed denture.  A temporary, realistic looking hybrid fixed denture can be applied at the time the implants are installed, and this procedure is also called teeth in a day.  When the healing process is complete, the final version of the hybrid fixed denture is installed and the procedure is complete.

If this solution sounds like it could be perfect for your situation, a consultation with an experienced dental practice that offers hybrid fixed denture should be your next phone call or e-mail.  Not everyone is a candidate for a hybrid fixed denture, but the  Practice of Dr.Carley and Mountain and Sea Dental is a very good place to start.

Dr. Carley has served the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta and surrounding areas since 2007, and can explain the pros and cons of choosing a Hybrid Fixed Denture, or Teeth in a Day,  over a more traditional removable denture.  Following your initial consultation, you will have a full understanding of what the procedure entails, how long it will take, and what is the associated cost.  Armed with the knowledge necessary for you to make an informed decision, you can proceed knowing that this choice is the right one for you.

A simple phone call or e-mail to our office will get you started with a professional dental practice that offers complete and full-service procedures for every member of your family, at affordable prices that will fit within your budget.  From a routine cleaning to the installation of implants using a hybrid fixed denture, you will find a solution here for all of your dental needs.