Laser Dentistry

Not every patient looking for a dentist will require laser surgery, but if you need laser dental surgery or it would prove beneficial in your circumstances, you will be very glad that you chose the practice of Dr. Carley & Associates at Mountain and Sea Dental. Serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta and the surrounding areas since 2007, Dr. Carley recognized early on the many benefits of offering laser dental surgery to his patients.

General Laser Dentistry

There are 3 distinct areas where dental procedures are made better with the use of a laser. The first is the simple fact that any procedure done with a laser will heal faster. It helps prevents tissues from bleeding, and kills bacteria found in the gums and teeth. The use of lasers for dental procedures is relatively new, and most practices don’t offer laser dentistry services. It is one of the newest technologies used in our office to painlessly and effectively treat our patients. An initial consultation will help determine whether laser surgery could benefit you.

Laser Gum Treatment

When you have a dental procedure requiring your teeth to be scaled and the root planed, decontamination and sterilization can be difficult. This is a procedure made better by the use of a laser. It allows us to access tooth pockets greater than 4mm and sterilize them from bacteria. If you or a family member has gum disease, bad breath, or receeding gums, you owe it to yourself to contact Santa Barbara Mountain and Sea Dental Practice by phone or e-mail so that you can explore the many benefits of using a laser for treating these symptoms. Remember that the use of a laser will significantly speed up the healing process and is painless.

Laser Frenotomy

Perhaps one of the most significant uses for a laser in dentistry is in performing a frenotomy. This is a highly specialized procedure performed to loosen a fold of tissue called the frenum. In tongue tied babies, this fold is too tight to allow full movement of the tongue necessary to allow the baby to latch on for nursing, and if left untreated can result in speech impediments later in life. Dr. Carley had personal experience treating two of his own children for this condition using traditional treatments. Recognizing the benefit using a laser would provide, he trained in 2014 with Dr. Ghaheri in Portland, OR. to provide laser treatment on tight frenums for the tongue and the upper lip. The use of a laser allows the baby to heal quickly enough for successful nursing, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Dr Carley recognized how significant and life changing the benefits of laser surgery could be for both mother and baby.

Before deciding whether this procedure is right for your baby, Dr. Carley recommends working with a lactation consultant or nurse that has experience with tongue tied babies. They can assist you in positioning your baby and creating as deep a latch as possible without the frenotomy. If the surgery is required, it can be accomplished easily in one appointment, and healing is very quick. Dr. Carley also works with individual pediatricians, moms and infants to ensure optimal results for nursing and feeding strategies.

Laser’s for detecting cavities

Our office uses a diagnodent laser, a safe method to scan your teeth using fluorescence technology . This is a simple wavelength of laser that reflects off bacteria found in the grooves of your teeth. This advanced technology allows us to determine if the tooth is merely stained or if you have a high level of cavity causing bacteria present. If there is merely staining and no cavity causing bacteria, we can either monitor the area routinely or provide a simple sealant for protection. If the bacteria that causes cavities is found in the grooves, it can be quickly and efficiently treated while the cavity is still small. This is especially important as catching dental caries when small helps prevent more serious cavities later. Most patients who are treated with this diagnodent laser prefer it to the more traditional form of cavity treatment.

To find out if you are a good candidate for any of our specialized laser treatments, simply call or e-mail our office today and arrange for a dental consultation. We will fully explain all of your options, what the cost of each procedure is, and help you find the perfect solution to any dental need you may have. Our flexible financing helps you stay within your budget, and that is always a great reason to smile!